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Title:Identifying prevalence rate of epileptics MRI abnormalities which are older than 18 years.

Abstract: Epilepsy is a repeated seizure due to paroxysmal electrical discharge from neurons in the brain, and is manifested by one or some of these patterns:Loss of consciousness , seizure, gaze, automatism,.. Epilepsy is classified according to location of Epileptic discharge in two categories: Localized and generalized.

Keywords: Magnetic resonance imaging, MRI, Epilepsy, prevalence

Author: Dr Abbas Jedariforoughi.ISBN 978-87-973284-0-8 Published in Doctmedico journal . Year:2021 volume:1 issue :1 page: 1-150

Reviewd by : M. Asadiseyedmahaleh & M. Shahrian

DOI : 10.17613/kke3-ch04